Proper Rug Storage Tips  

Imported rugs are more than just fixtures in your home or office, they are pieces of art in themselves. When it comes to storing a rug, the proper care and techniques can increase the quality and lifespan of these masterpieces. Today we take a look at some of the best storage ideas.

Where to Store

Find a space that is cool and dry. The usage of curtains or blinds to decrease natural light exposure is also great at preserving the rug's quality. Avoid using an attic or basement to store your rugs since these areas usually lack climate control. You may also want to create a plan for general upkeep as dust and dirt can attract insects.

Storage Materials

Use bolted together shelving to store your rugs in a safe manner. Lining the shelves with acid free paper can help absorb any excess acids that could deteriorate a rug. If using wooden shelves, coat with a protective varnish to protect the wood and the rugs itself.