The Amazing Look of Erased Pattern Rugs  

Possibly one of the most unique rug designs, Erased Pattern Rugs give your traditional patterns some character. It is a Modern meets Vintage design element that is becoming popular among millennials and older generations alike. 

So what is an Erased Pattern Rug?

Rug designers have developed their own take on breathing new life into old rugs with a pattern that the rug world refer to as "erased motifs". An erased motif looks like time has taken its toll on the rug giving it that vintage feel. Think similar to the worn jeans look some fashion designers utilize. The faded designs take advantage of dynamic use of color and texture to give it somewhat of an organized worn look.  

What makes them so popular?

With the rustic look taking hold in several interior design techniques, the Erased Pattern adds color and vibrance to complement this. It gives credit to the past while maintaining a modern day charm. Several millennials are taking to this look adding them to any space such as apartments, taverns or storefronts.